With over 33 years experience selling on Amazon Retail and Amazon Marketplace, we’re qualified to provide full service Amazon Vendor Central & Seller Central Account Management. As an Amazon seller with Streiff Marketing at your side, you get a committed Amazon Account Manager leveraging hundreds of successful Amazon sales growth strategies. That experience is hyper-focused on helping your Amazon brand grow with every available value-added service our consulting experts have learned. 

Amazon Consulting Experts – We’re Selling on Amazon

 Our team of Amazon Marketing Experts works closely with you at every stage of the sales process, from creating and launching your customized Amazon Brand Strategy, to rolling out your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) plan, to navigating Amazon Customer Service on your behalf. We leverage our relationship with Amazon’s vendor management team and central support team to help boost your revenue and increase your profit margins.

We specialize in Amazon Vendor and Seller Central, and serve many manufacturers and brands in the outdoor, hunting, fishing, tools, and sports industries. Many of our clients have grown their Vendor Central sales by 100-200{5143b58100216aaaa96c64fa520ff1245d4d24a47c18275b138309b9706744c3} per year after bringing us on-board and have gone on to become multi-million dollar accounts with Amazon.

As Amazon Seller Consultants, we take advantage of our knowledge of Amazon’s protocols, systems and services to enhance your sales volumes. For some of our clients, this knowledge suggests we create a hybrid Amazon sales model which leverages both Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central.

Going Up? ‘The Streiff Way’ to Winning On Amazon


What is, ‘The Streiff Way’? It’s work that brings value. Plain and simple…we apply our significant knowledge and experience of Amazon’s systems to your brand, identify where the most value can be achieved, and we put in the work and time to make it happen. The luxury of working with Streiff Marketing as your full service Amazon account management agency is that we customize a maximum value approach specifically designed for your brand to succeed at selling on Amazon. Your brand is in a different stage of product sales than any other, and has different needs and priorities.

Our process begins with your initial free consultation. Later, when we officially join your team, we start with an in depth analysis of your account, catalog, and selling cycle. That reveals a strategy and extensive ‘to-do’ list, which we prioritize with you in our initial Strategy Call. We like to attack where we can make the biggest impact initially, and grow from there.

First steps usually include laying out your high level growth strategy, followed by a prioritized and detailed action plan, including optimizing your Amazon catalog, improving your Amazon brand image by creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ content, improving advertising and your Amazon store, improving your inventory planning, and more.

How We Maximizes Your Amazon Sales

Here’s a few of the many ways we bring our clients massive amounts of value. Hire us as your Amazon experts, and you’ll be sure to save tons of money on internal staffing expenses. We’ll help you reach new customers and grow your Amazon business to new heights you never thought were possible.


Choosing the right price point for your products is essential for success on Amazon. We help you structure your pricing and negotiate with Amazon to maximize profits. When you need to modify your prices, we submit the changes and help get them accepted. Our consultants also help you strategize on MAP issues and negotiate co-op allowances with Amazon on your behalf.


Make sure you have enough stock and production capacity to meet demand. Our experts help you forecast Amazon’s future demand and purchase orders more accurately. We send you reports and graphs showing sales growth and trends, so you can plan your manufacturing accordingly and make your business more efficient. We’ll even consult with you on Amazon items and strategy.


Get the most value for your marketing dollars. Let us build or help you build your Amazon Storefront that will drive sales. Our marketing experts show you how to reach more customers using lightning deals, Deals of the Day, and other promotional events. We also help you choose marketing campaigns and services that deliver the best results, such as:

  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Coupons
  • Targeted Ads
  • Sponsored Search
  • Brand Page Ads


A poorly managed Amazon catalog can seriously affect your vendor central sales. Let our team perform a complete catalog cleanup. We merge duplicate ASINs and listings, improve and optimize content, and combine items with multiple sizes or colors into a single variation listing. We also create listings disputes and work with the Amazon support team to fix issues that seem to pop up regularly. Our team will keep creating case after case until the issue is resolved.


Take the hassle out of listing new products. We create individual products or entire catalogs as they become available. Our team creates templates and inputs details correctly while optimizing search terms and hidden keywords.


A good communication strategy can make a world of difference to your sales and efficiency. Our team helps you manage emails from Amazon retail business support, buyers, inventory managers, and other contacts.


Make sure your products look their best online. We consult on the best imagery and content practices for Amazon pages. Our team helps optimize your bullet points, descriptions, and titles, making listings more searchable and convert better. This process further improves search rankings and increases sales. We upload multiple images for each item, including high-resolution zoom images. Our goal is to tell the story of each product with images and video to maximise sales and facilitate the buying process for the consumer. If applicable, we also upload video to each listing.


Positive reviews have a big impact on your sales. We help you create an effective product review strategy to increase the number of reviews you receive and influence which reviews show up first.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Get to the top of the search results. We offer SEO services to help customers find your products more easily.


Many Amazon retailers leave money on the table due to simple mistakes. We help your employees:

  • Improve Vendor Lead Time
  • Ensure your team is submitting ASINs
  • Decrease Out-of-Stock Rates
  • Visibility to problem ASINs


Optimizing your Amazon store is an ongoing process. We provide continuous management and consulting services to:

  • Improve your Vendor Score Card
  • Reduce & Dispute Charge-backs
    Educate your employees on Amazon’s operations & needs
  • Direct, FBA & 3P Merchant Account Management
  • Consult on Logistics & Operations
  • Act as Resource for Amazon Q&A
  • Act as a Point of contact for your employees when handling the account
  • Help solve or improve any frustrations with the account
  • Help grow the account faster and more profitably