Drive External Traffic to your Amazon Listing for Increased Sales

Improve Amazon Sales Volume by Driving External Traffic to Listings

Traffic is key to the success of your Amazon listings. And while traffic coming from Amazon is critical for your products, many brands on Amazon are now turning their attention to drive external traffic sources to help launch and sustain their products.

Done right, driving external traffic to your lising can be a powerful growth lever that can help you to grow your sales , improve your organic rankings , and build assets that give your business much greater stability. External traffic is a strategy you can use alongside PPC and optimizing for Amazon search, in order to widen your customer base, as well as improving your organic search rankings. Increased Sales Velocity External traffic channels allow you to reach a whole new audience. (

Regardless of the source of traffic, there are two mindsets you need to adopt before driving off-Amazon traffic to your product listings. Think in Terms of Customer Lifetime Value. Driving traffic to Amazon has more benefits than simply gaining a quick sale on One of the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make when driving traffic to Amazon is driving traffic straight to their listings.

Going straight for the sale may sacrifice your long-term relationship with the potential customer. When you send traffic straight to your Amazon listings, you may notice your traffic increases, but conversion rates tend to drop. Most experienced Amazon sellers agree that conversion rates are an important factor in Amazon’s ranking algorithm, and Amazon sees your listing is not getting many sales for the number of page views, they will send fewer people to your listing. 

How can you drive traffic to Amazon, ensure high conversion rates & build long-term relationships with customers? Amazon sellers can do a lot of with email lists: Promote Product Launches– Email your list with exclusive discounts to get your new products off the ground Send an Email Newsletter– Email your list regularly to maintain a long term relationship and add additional value Drive Additional Sales – Boost rankings for an existing product by emailing your list, Retarget Your Audience on Other Channels– Use the emails to build targeting audiences on Facebook, Build Your Ecommerce Brand Off Amazon– Drive sales on your own ecommerce site. When you collect an email before the sale is made on Amazon, you can do this without breaking Amazon’s Terms of Service. (

There are hot, warm, and cold traffic sources: Someone who is on your email list or has previously purchased from you is considered hot traffic. Someone who is looking for a solution to a problem but they don’t know about you or your product yet is considered warm traffic. Someone who has never engaged with your brand or content, or is even aware that there is a solution to their problem, is considered cold traffic. Using external to Amazon traffic sources is a hot topic for any serious Amazon Seller who’s trying to figure out how to get your product on the first page of amazon and keep it there, whilst making a profit! (

Search Network Ads – Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo Blog Posts– Works best if you have an existing blog with an active readership. Affiliate/Influencer Marketing – Partnering with others who have an existing audience to promote your products. A good strategy is to test out one channel that seems promising – say, Google Ads or Facebook Ads. (

According to reports, 63.2% of internet searches in the United States search on Google, and 93% of them use Google on their mobile phones. At this point, as a seller, you might wonder, why should even think of Google when you can just focus on Amazon platform to popularize your products? Even though your first priority should be to optimize your traffic as well as conversions within Amazon, you cannot miss out on Google. The trick is to connect google ads and your amazon product listings via a “landing page.” This is exactly the place where you can connect with your customers. (

For more traffic sources, and if you’d like to scale your business up on Amazon, or if you feel like sales have plateaued, we can help you get through. Consider taking your profitability to the next level and freeing up some of your time by giving us a call, we’d love to help! Please visit us at to learn more.

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