Facebook Ads to Drive More Sales on Amazon

How to Leverage Facebook Ads to Drive More Sales on Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller, you utilize many Amazon marketing tools and resources to leverage the worlds largest digital marketplace. But, multi-channel marketing is critical to staying ahead of your Amazon competition and to reaching more of your target audience.  Facebook is one of the best online places for Amazon Sellers to start widening your marketing efforts and driving external traffic to your Amazon listings.

By advertising your Amazon products with a Facebook ad strategy, you’ll have access to many new and different strategies, tools and their benefits.

Driving your own Facebook traffic allows you to: widen your sales funnel, gather important customer contact information (used for remarketing or retargeting), control more advertising strategies (resulting in higher rankings and increased Amazon sales), and increase conversion rate (sevenatoms.com). Important in these strategies is the use of the Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience  (esellercafe.com) to leverage known customer contact info to direct new and potential customers into your sales funnel.

Importantly, you must know who your brand’s potential customers are. On Facebook, you can show ads to people who are similar to those who have previously bought your products on Amazon with the Facebook lookalike audiences tool. You can retrieve valuable customer information to create your first Facebook lookalike audience list from Amazon Seller Central, specifically in the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments reports (payability.com), though Amazon has been systematically removing more and more customer information. It is always helpful, when building Facebook ad lookalike audiences, to include Amazon among their interests, since that guarantees these Facebook users know the Amazon platform and will be able to complete a purchase. If this isn’t an option, for whatever reason, the second-best thing is to think of your Facebook ad like a supplemental image for your Amazon listing (which should also be memorable).

Tracking conversion rate on Facebook, you’ll need to use the Facebook pixel (landingcube.com). The Facebook pixel is a piece of code installed on your sales landing page. It informs Facebook Ads Manager about when people have performed key events on your page. This is one of the key uses of the Facebook Pixel, and explains why Facebook Ads can be so effective. 

We mentioned a sales landing page. Because a Facebook pixel cannot be installed on your Amazon product page, a landing page must be created to successfully run your Facebook Ads. 

This and more information regarding using Facebook to further gain access to important marketing strategies is available in the original article. Other strategies include email list (tinuiti.com) utilization, gathering more customer review and video review, increasing the rates of customer interaction, selling related and upselling to other Amazon products you own. These strategies are important tools in any online or eCommerce seller. 

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