How Weight and Product Size Affect Amazon FBA Fees

How Product Size and Weight Affect Amazon FBA Fees

Ever feel like Amazon has overcalculated and overcharged for your FBA fees? It’s a pretty common sentiment. The Amazon FBA program exists to make your life as an Amazon Seller, and the life of Amazon consumers, as simple and trouble free as possible. But, accidents do sometimes happen. Today, we’ll explore how your products may sometimes be incorrectly measured at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, resulting in inflated Amazon FBA fees, above an beyond the standard referral fee.

It’s been our experience that Amazon does not catch these errors, and does not notify Sellers of these problems. Unfortunately, this results in the majority of Amazon Sellers not knowing about these overcharges and simply accepting Monthly Storage Fees, long term storage fee, Fulfillment Fees and other Amazon FBA fees as they pop up in their Seller Central accounts. We have taken over new client accounts who have been unknowingly overpaying Amazon FBA fulfillment fee for months and even years. Our processes include mechanisms for reviewing Amazon monthly storage fees, any option for reducing associated Amazon fulfillment fee

The good news is, our customer service team has been able to help our clients be reimbursed for these incorrect Amazon inventory storage fees. The process involves engaging with Amazon customer service and having them re-weigh and re-measure your products using what’s referred to as cubiscan.

Outside of the Amazon seller fee or referral fee, Amazon FBA charges two main types of fees: fulfillment fees and inventory storage fees, both of which key off of your items cubic feet. Amazon’s FBA inventory storage fees include storing your products in Amazon fulfillment centers.

Your product and order details, such as weight and dimensions allow the Amazon calculator to compute cubic feet, your fulfillment fees and storage fees, while the cost, pricing, and order information factors into margins, profitability, and seller fees. (

A Long-Term Storage Fee and Managing Inventory are also charged as FBA grows and space within fulfillment centers becomes more valuable.  (

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