Improve Amazon Organic Rankings with 2-Step URLs

Improve Amazon Organic Rankings with 2-Step URLs


What is a 2-Step URL?

A 2 step URL is a link used for a seller to increase Amazon ranking power for specific keywords and search terms when driving sales to Amazon from external traffic sources. 2 step URLs are effective because they may send someone straight to your Amazon product detail page. Detail page URLs have unique timestamps identifying when they have been used more than one time. With the 2 step URL, however, every time people visit the Amazon product listing, it is treated as a unique click, and in turn generates a unique timestamp, giving a boost to the Amazon product for that search term. (

When using 2-Step URLs you must get the link in front of as many people as possible on non-Amazon channels, including Google Search, blogs, website’s, advertisements and deal channels. As a Seller, the initial step for using 2-Step URLs for your listing is choosing which search term to target. It is combined with your storefront URL to create the 2-Step URL. There are various 2-step URL generators provided by Amazon tool providers, some available for free. Armed with your ideal, high-volume, relevant keyword and the resultant 2-Step URL, you’ll want to plan how you’ll get your product listing to the top. (

Are 2-Step URLs Legal?

Amazon’s view on 2-Step URLs and Super URLs remains unclear. Amazon hasn’t provided firm direction, and currently, we are unaware of sellers having been disciplined for using 2 Step URLs. Whether Amazon will crack down or not is not certain, and it’s likely they would do it by changing their search engine algorithm or URL structure, that may make this process irrelevant. 

Super URLs vs 2 Step URLs

Most Amazon sellers are reporting that Super URLs no longer work. 2-Step URLs are different from Super URLs as customers must click through to your product listing. Seasoned Amazon sellers report that Super URL no longer function, but 2-Step URLs are still very effective. It’s likely the same will happen to 2 Step URLs too. (

Let’s look at a simple example funnel that could run through a 2 step URL: Run a Facebook Ad for 75% off > Redirect to a Landing page with an email optin to receive a discount code > Send them to Amazon (using the 2-step URL). 

To summarize, for high competition Amazon categories or keywords, sellers sometimes need an edge in order to get a product to the top of the search rankings. Many sellers make use of 2-step URLs in their product launches to gain that edge. If you need a quick ranking boost, or want to hit the ground running from your product launch, 2-step URLs may be a valuable tool to use. (

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