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Real Client Proof

Take Their Word For It

Don’t just take our word for it, talk with some of our current Amazon Vendor & Seller Central clients or just look below at some of the results we’ve been able to help them achieve.

Or, maybe watch one of the video testimonials we’ve received our happy clients. We can also send you lots of examples upon request.

Straight Commission

Pure Motivation

We are the only agency we know of that is willing to put our work ethic and expertise where our mouth is and agree to a straight commission growth model. This pay scale is our incentive and motivates us to the max.

If we don’t perform by making you more profitable and explode your growth on Amazon, we should NOT be rewarded. NO retainers, NO Minimums, NO B.S.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

If you’re not 100% satisfied and don’t feel we’ve brought you tons of value within the first 6 months, we’ll return any and all money you’ve paid and not charge you a penny.

Let us prove to you why we are the absolute best value-add you can find for your brand(s) on Amazon.

We are proud to have helped numerous clients dominate their category on Amazon. The charts below show a few real examples of the growth we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Company ‘A’ – Actual Client Growth Example


We received a referral one day from the Vendor Manager over Hunting at Amazon, asking us to help them out. Great brand, great company, big potential, but not close to reaching their potential with their current strategy. Their sales had not only plateaued, they were headed downward. -2% YoY to be exact. A sinking ship perhaps? We didn’t think so. The Streiff Marketing guides hopped on board and pulled out a new map with a clear route to success.

In the first 12 months (2018) that Streiff Marketing took on the account, their sales grew 23% growth, you might think their sales were negligible to begin with, so 100% growth in a year is easy enough to achieve.

True . . . but their sales were not negligible to begin with. They were already in the millions.

So how did we do it?

It wasn’t easy, but it is doable and repeatable, and we’ve done it for many clients over the years. We applied our 100-point checklist, and then applied it again, over and over and over.

We’ve hired the best talent and expertise to monitor, analyze, and guide the account. We obsessed over providing massive value to the client, just like we do with every single one of our clients. A fluke you say? We don’t think so.


Let us give you another example.

Company ‘B’ – Actual Client Growth Example

We met this company at a trade show back in 2015. They were very small at the time ($464k/yr) with a smaller-sized catalog and limited internal resources. By applying our knowledge, work ethic, and 100-point checklist, we found consistent growth year over year, every year, all the way up to almost $800,000 in 2018.


Were they pleased? Yes, but they thought the growth was mostly coming from their amazing products and the growth of Amazon in general. They thought they could save some money and go with an agency that claimed to give the same level of service we do. As you can see, it didn’t go very well. In 2018, they ended the year with $288k in sales, down nearly -63% Year over Year! Yikes! What a disaster!


They promptly called us back, apologized for leaving, and begged us to take them on again. We did, and by applying the tools and strategies we’re so well-known for, we were able to help them get back up to $644,394 in sales in 2019—over 123% growth from a disastrous year. This was a huge win considering how much momentum they lost in 2018. Furthermore, in 2020 they are on track for over $1.1 MM despite greatly increased competition and knock-off products. They are ecstatic with the growth, the success, and reaching the historic mark of $1 Million dollars for the first time!

Our Clients Discuss Streiff Marketing

  • 300% Growth…?!

“When we were with a distributor, they were just another large account. Now that number is somewhere north of 300%… 300% growth with a customer in a 4 year time frame? Ummmm, Yah, Sign me up!!”

Justin Martin, Duck Commander

  • Doubling Year Over Year…

“With Streiff Marketing, we spent the first several years growing at least 100%, our business was doubling year over year, and it was just SO exciting!”

Michael Wydner, Hunter Safety System & Hover Helmets

All the Amazon Consulting Services You Need, All In One Place

We offer a wide range of Amazon Account Management services to assure we’re maximizing your Amazon Sales.
Our team works closely with you at every stage of the sales process, from launch strategy to marketing, we help boost your revenue and increase your profit margins. We specialize in Seller Central and Vendor Central and serve many brands in the outdoor, hunting, tools, and sports industries. Many of our clients have grown 100-200% per year after bringing us on board and have gone on to become multimillion-dollar accounts with Amazon.