Emily Clayton
Customer Service Manager

Emily Clayton is our amazing Executive Administrator and Customer Service Manager. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Southern Utah University. Before joining Streiff Marketing, Emily gained extensive experience in Account Payables, Account Receivables, Advanced Mathematics, Payroll, Accounting, Leadership, and Data Analysis/Reconciliation. At Streiff Marketing, Emily puts her experience and skills to work managing Account Payable and Receivable, Human Resources, tracking and evaluating weekly, monthly, and yearly reporting, directing events, and many other complex projects keeping us running effectively and efficiently. She loves all things numbers and uses this super power to identify creative solutions to Streiff Marketing’s challenges. At work, she loves working on collaborative teams, creating a positive work place, and ensuring both qualitative and quantitative performance at Streiff Marketing. Outside of work, Emily is a loving wife and mother. She enjoys spending time outdoors, playing games with her family, and traveling to tropical places. She is an avid reader, puzzle enthusiast, and always looking for an opportunity to serve.