Jessica Belnap
Account Manager

Jess is passionate about copywriting and SEO for Streiff’s clients. She believes in the power that words have to bring in product views and purchases, and she understands how search engines work to find relevant data. While she is familiar with Amazon’s seller platform from her own online selling experience with the handmade market, she enjoys learning new things every day with the Streiff team. A passionate artist and hand-maker, Jessica has been making and selling her own products online for nearly 15 years. During those years she also worked full-time in the finance industry for one of the nation’s leading brokerage firms; wrote, edited and published an online food magazine; ran a software company, and then a pottery studio/makerspace. Now, she’s excited to be working with Streiff and its clients to grow their online retail operations. She studied Business Administration and completed a BS in Marketing Management at the end of 2020. When she’s not working for Streiff, Jess is making pottery and creating social media content for her handmade brand while hanging out with her husband, their two kids, and her 16 year old cat. Occasionally she gets to spend time with her family in Idaho, where they take Grandpa’s boat out on the Snake River at Shoshone Falls as often as possible.