The Importance of Product Reviews on Amazon: Results of A/B Testing

A/B Testing Results – Verifying the Importance of Amazon Product Reviews

You probably already know this….but Amazon reviews are extremely important to your products sales success.  They provide social proof of the quality of your product, verifying via other buyers that deciding to press the buy button is a great decision.

A side by side comparison of competing products on Amazon reveals just how important product reviews are. JungleScout has done a detailed analysis to prove this out, laying out the case in their latest blog post. Their data show that even higher priced products, competing head to head against similar products, will grow their sales when review ratings and review frequency steadily increase.

This blog post also lists ways to get more reviews and leverage them to the benefit of your product sales.

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The full article, “The Importance of Product Reviews on Amazon: A/B Test Results Don’t Lie” can be found by CLICKING HERE

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